$tevoxcv and David Meli are “Hypnotized”

Hot on the heels of the release of the Afro-infused rap song, “Long,” Emerging UK rapper, $tevoxcv has returned with a brand-new single featuring David Meli, “Hyptonized.” 

On the chill rap record, both artists reflect on the influence of a bewitching lady on them. Introduced by smooth riffs, the production by Beatzbydb matches the rhythm in $tevoxcv’s witty, raunchy, and braggadocious verses. Meanwhile, David Meli adds his tantalizing touch to the record through the enchanting hook powered by his silky voice which has the potential to reel listeners in, and take them on a chill summer drive. 

Speaking on the single and the creative process of composing it, the British Nigerian rapper says, “’Hypnotized’ is a summertime feel-good song and having already done a song with Meli which was never released, soon as I laid out the verses, I knew who I wanted on the hook. I sent it off to Meli in the afternoon and he sent me back the hook by night on the same day. After giving it a listen, I realized we had just created a dope summertime record.”

$tevoxcv — real name Steve Okolo — is a British Nigerian rapper based in Westminster, London. Steve has been recording music since he was 16. Now in his twenties, he has developed his own sound which he describes as a cocktail of hip-hop, pop, and afrobeats. In 2020, he released his debut project, Untold Stories, featuring fan favorites like “Top,” “Set Tings,” and “Sisi Eko.”

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