Texas duo Rightfield share their uplifting take on illie Eilish’s “When the Party’s Over"

Texas duo Rightfield breathe infectious energy into Billie Eilish’s “When the Party’s Over,” with a fresh pop-tinged twist of '90s Country and modern Americana influence. With an anthemic and uplifting instrumental elevating soaring vocals, the pair tap into their signature “intimate banger,” style bringing warm sonics together with a highly energetic delivery.

Recorded initially a few years ago at their college house and gaining plenty of love on social media, Rightfield offer the new and improved version of their cover with a refined artistry that’s soft yet striking. Adding authenticity, charm and heartfelt emotion to each note, the duo make the track completely their own, their take on the track pulling us in with an impactful combination of deep vocals and quiet sonics.

Having met at the University of Arkansas, Jack Blocker and Reed Hoelscher came together as Rightfield, putting out successful singles and an acclaimed debut album Rightfield, One,  crafting a nook for themselves in the indie-rock scene as rising stars.

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