TGC Johnny Stone delivers a super catchy single, “Humble Beast”

Kansas City, Missouri-based Hip-Hop/R&B artist TGC Johnny Stone has returned with a super catchy lead single, “Humble Beast,” a full taste of Johnny’s unique vocals distinguishes the song heavily, with his solid rapping lyrics and the actual instrumental being fast-paced, which is overwhelming.

“Humble Beast” is an anthemic soundtrack to motivate people to get active. To inspire a habit within folks to get what belongs to them unapologetically. Humble Beast contains a relatable narrative, standard lyrics, and uplifting vocals. Humble Beast is a feel-good, high-energy workout song with motivating lyrics and a badass beat. No cursing is needed. The song is a beautiful presentation of what listeners expect to hear from TGC Johnny Stone shortly as he continues his claim to fame.

Stream TGC Johnny Stone’s “Humble Beast” on Spotify.

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