The Beamish Brothers show their true “Nature” on latest single

Hailing from Toowoomba, Australia, The Beamish Brothers ever-maturing approach to indie pop continues in 2020 with the enrapturing “Nature.” First emerging in 2016, the brother-duo of Jeremy and Ben have evolved rapidly from their beginning acoustic singer-songwriter sound to the resounding, polished indie-pop sound we now hear today.

“Nature” is the duos first release since their 2019 debut project, Brutalism, and the pair sound decidedly confident in their sophomore efforts. A simple bassline and drumbeat maintain a hypnotic backbone for the track. Stunning, gospel-inspired call and response vocal harmonies become a defining feature throughout the track.

With buoyant production and emphasis on vocal harmonies and layers, the duo brings emphatic energy to an often lyrically heavy songwriting. Ben outlines in an email press release, “Our song “Nature” is one that’s all about reclaiming one’s power after abuse,” alluding to perhaps a toxic relationship, while Jeremy offers the simultaneous stance,​ “We really wanted to write a song about the way humans exploit our earth, from the perspective of Mother Nature.”

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