The Bright Light Social Hour share synth-rich new single “Prefecture”

The second single from The Bright Light Social Hour, titled “Prefecture,” has been released and will be featured in their upcoming album Emergency Leisure (to be released on August 2 under Escondido Sound). The song is a unique blend of indie and electric-soul genres and was created by a group of talented musicians including Jackie O’Brien on bass/vocals, Curtis Roush on guitar/vocals, Mia Carruthers on keys/vocals, Zac Catanzaro on drums, and Juan Alfredo Ríos on percussion. With rhythmic synths and captivating vocals from Jackie O’Brien, the track reaches its peak with a final guitar solo accompanied by afro-inspired percussion. The band has skillfully incorporated multiple genres into this single track, making it a truly impressive composition.

Jackie O’Brien writes – “‘Prefecture’ is the story of Jaycee, a fan who left her life in Utah—along with her marriage and the Mormon church—to join us on tour as a photographer, eventually becoming a dear friend and creating the art for the upcoming album. The first half reclaims autonomy from an oppressive religion or lover. The instrumental second half embodies the ecstatic lightness of newfound freedom, of finding God on the dance floor.”

The new single showcases the Austin-based bands love of synths and psychedelic textures. Listen in full below

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