The Clockworks examine urban living in “Feels So Real”

The Clockworks have just unveiled their latest single “Feels So Real” a gritty, boozy, rock banger. The Irish four-piece now London based, exploded unto the scene in 2019 quickly gaining the attention from Alan McGee (who discovered the likes of Oasis, Primal Scream ) who signed the band to his label ‘Creation23’. Drawing inspiration from post-punk bands mixed with everyday sounds such as “the snarling of the kitchen sink”, The Clockworks have succeeded in creating a full-throttle rock sound that is equally infectious as it is palpable.

In “Feels So Real”, the band examines the fast pace life of the city, confiding, “Basically it’s a journey through the city to meet someone, seeing all the good, bad and ugly of the city: the manipulative advertising, the needles on the floor, police sirens, a queue hoping to find love in a nightclub and so on. All of this stuff makes the city what it is, and makes life what it is. That’s the reality underpinning the ideal.” Through throbbing basslines, a vocal delivery that screams a sense of urgency, and roaring guitars, “Feels So Real” is a perfect sonic representation of urban life.

“Feels So Real” follows “Enough is Never Enough” released last year which detailed political unrest in Ireland. Look for more music to come from this promising rock’n’roll collective and in the meantime, enjoy “Feels So Real.”

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