The Colours That Rise preview intergalactic new LP with “Orion’s Belt and Beyond”

In times of strife, many of us look outside of our reality to find some peace amid the hardship. For The Colours That Rise, that escapism has taken the form of a turn toward the cosmos. The U.K. duo of Simeon Jones and Nathanael Williams have an imposing debut LP entitled Grey Doubt due out May 1 on Rhythm Section International and they have just released the latest preview of the project with the otherworldly single “Orion’s Belt and Beyond.”

On the forthcoming album, Jones and Williams explore afro-futuristic themes, centering around the idea that black people live on the planet Mars. In an email to EARMILK, the duo described the connection between their spacey themes and life on Earth: “…the album aims to make a comment about conspiracy theories and post-truth in general. Nothing is real. Everything is fabricated… So we’re just two guys with a broken tape machine and some information about a different world.” While “Orion’s Belt and Beyond” is an instrumental track and we can only speculate about its place in the LP’s narrative, TCTR deliver a hard-hitting groove and celestial synth pads that will definitely get listeners nodding along as they are transported to deeper reaches of the universe.

“Orion’s Belt and Beyond” is a tantalizing taste of an album that figures to be TCTR’s most ambitious and accomplished to date. In addition to their gripping combination of live instrumentation and analogue synths in the music, the album will also feature prominent U.K. artists like Yussef Dayes, Mansur Brown, Tom Driessler, and vocalists Yazmin Lacey and Andrew Ashong. With the new single setting the stage for some incredible galactic musical exploration, The Colours That Rise appear ready for lift off.

Grey Doubt will be released May 1 on Rhythm Section International and is available to pre-order here.

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