The Curious share double releases “Something More,” and “Shadows”

Thought-provoking band The Curious delves into humanity and curiosity on double release “Something More,” and “Shadows, led by a winning blend of unique soundscape and poignant messages.

While “Something More” is about the human desire to seek something beyond the ordinary and find a deeper meaning in life, “Shadows” is a song that explores the darker side of curiosity.

Anthemic offering “Something More,” urges us to explore the unknown and to seek out new experiences, delivering a much-needed reminder that we all have the potential to achieve great things.On the other hand, “Shadow,” brims with a grittier edge as we’re drawn to delve into the darker side of human desire.

With the former being a call-to-action to pursuit our dreams, the latter is a cautionary tale about the dangers of obsession and the never-ending cycle of darkness and despair that comes with it.

Delivering two impressive productions that juxtapose each other seamlessly, The Curious continues to allure fans and newcomers to their sound alike.

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