The enigmatic WEIRDO re-emerges with “EUROTRASH”

First emerging in 2014 with the instant hit “Disco,” WEIRDO captivated audiences with his tastefully lighthearted genre crossover, before disappearing into almost complete obscurity. “Disco,” along with a handful of equally emphatic tracks saw an official EP release five years later in 2019, which also hinted at the possibility of more to come from this elusive artist. 2020 saw this confirmed, with a face to the name, and a new single, “EUROTRASH.” It also signifies a shift in his sound or at least a broadening of sonic horizons; past releases harmonised in the space between indie and electro-pop, yet this release sees more of a focus on the electro-pop side of his sound or moreover, synth-pop.

“Je m’appelle “WEIRDO,” do you care that I’ve come back though,” he croons as the track starts, a clear nod to his absence. The lyrics go on to parry a balance between ego and political metaphor, creating a larger-than-life, tongue-in-cheek aperture on modernity. The production sets the foundation and masterfully plays with tracks dynamics, crafting a palpable ebb and flow between bright, rising synths and nuanced space for the melody.

“EUROTRASH” is the first chapter of an inspiring new story for WEIRDO, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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