The Formalist Deliver the Ambient “A = N”

Brooklyn-based musical duo The Formalist unveils their latest track, “A = N”. Following the success of “Happenstance” and “Finite”, this release offers a fresh glimpse into their evolving sound, blending retrofuturistic noir-ballad elements with ambient guitar and pulsating electro beats. Lyrically, “A = N” delves into themes of romanticism and melancholy, exploring the cyclical nature of memory and human existence.

Formed in 2006 by Brooklyn-born Krieger and Norwegian Erik Laroi, the duo’s fusion of ambient and experimental leanings, combined with Laroi’s memorable melodies, creates a unique sonic experience. With rich strings and an insinuating bassline evoking mystery and intrigue, the track seamlessly transitions into moments of serenity amidst pulsating rhythms.

As The Formalist continues to push boundaries with their music, “A = N” shows the duo’s enduring passion for creating meaningful experiences through sound.

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