The Gloomies share alt-rock gem “Cave” featuring Big Red Roses

The Gloomies continue their legacy of musical innovation with the release of their latest single, “Cave,” offering a tantalizing glimpse into their highly anticipated forthcoming album, Slime and the Stems.

Featuring Big Red Roses, the track is characterized by gritty loops, rich guitar textures, and hypnotic melodies that transport listeners into a world where reality and imagination blend seamlessly. Lyrically, the track taps into a signature poetic essence that  draws heavily from their maritime surroundings, framed by their knack for infusing a sense of place and atmosphere into their intimate yet expansive sonics.

Speaking of the track, Andrew Craig, the creative force behind The Gloomies, says, “Its loop-based groove and layered guitar samples defined its sound. In just 30 minutes, ‘Cave’ was born from a new melody, leading me to scrap the original idea.”

Having debuted in 2015, The Gloomies who have consistently worked to break sonic barriers and built a reputation as musical trailblazers, set the tone for a captivating and immersive album with their  latest offering.