THE GOA EXPRESS embrace individuality on “Be My Friend” [Video]

UK indie rock newcomers THE GOA EXPRESS share their noisy new single “Be My Friend.” Detailed with rousing guitar riffs and addictive drum patterns, the track rejects the modern world’s falseness and takes matters into the hands of the bold.

With jangly guitar lines and underscored with an infectious bass line, “Be My Friend” is chaotically frenetic. Awash with hazy tones, the indie rock driven quintet have enahanced their sound with chunky melodies and rising beats. Teamed with DIY visuals – the band taught themselves how to use video editing software one evening – the track displays their brotherly relationships that’s led to the creation of a seriously cool indie vibe.

The single is about “taking a step away from those who’re always trying to get close to you and as a both a shout out to individuality and an acceptance of rejection,” says the band. “It’s a dismissal of the modern world’s hyper-connectivity and a return to privacy, rather than the involvement of everyone knowing everyone’s buisness all of the time.”

Baring in mind that this is only their second release, THE GOA EXPRESS are sitting on something really special here. Watch this space.

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