The Greeting Committee relases LGBTQ rock anthem “Ada”

Addie Sartino, Brandon Yangmi, Pierce Turcotte, and Austin Fraser have been together since 2014, marking themselves as The Greeting Committee. And a fitting name it is with their warm, welcoming, and vibrant indie rock sound and relatable lyrics that deal with coming-of-age and self-discovery. It feels a little impossible to not feel embraced by the band. Today, The Greeting Committee premieres their new single “Ada,” which they describe as “an anthem for all our LGBTQ friends and family and fans.”

Unlike past work, “Ada” sees the band exploring a grittier rock-heavy sound. There’s a nice static buzz that continuously plays throughout with a fast and heavy bass and grainy guitar. Addie’s vocals are also low and crooning, feeling similar to Hayley Williams. Even though this track has different qualities, there’s still those anthemic qualities of bright, beaming high notes and the slowed, echoed outro that shows the band’s roots.

A little background on the song, the band met Ada when she became their merch company point of contact, but they quickly became friends. The song “Ada” is a collection of stories from knowing Ada and what she faces as a transgender woman. As part of the LGBTQ community herself, Addie wanted to use the band’s platform to reach out to marginalized voices. Addie exclusively told Earmilk, “’Ada’ is a song for the queer community to hold dearly and for those outside of the queer community to listen to with the intention to learn and love.”

“Ada” comes off of the band’s  the upcoming sophomore album Dandelion, set to release on September 24 via Harvest Records.

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