The Guidance says he's sorry with new single “I Didn’t Mean That”

The Guidance’s latest single “I Didn’t Mean That” is all about wanting to right your wrongs, but when the damage is already done. The track emits an air of nostalgia with its synth-driven style, while tender vocals wash over warm electronic arrangements creating a highly comforting sound. The Guidance, A.K.A Stefan Pruett, tragically passed away last year shortly after finishing his upcoming album, however the choice was made to continue releasing his music. After so much time and effort was put into the creation of the album, Pruett's family, producer and record label, Handwritten Records, made the decision to continue with Pruett's plan. Now, he can be memorialized through his profound pieces.

Pruett had a strong passion for his craft and that can be felt throughout his music. In his limited time on this earth, he touched so many people not only through his songs, but also his charismatic presence. The talent had the pleasure of touring internationally with Crystal Castles, connecting with fans all across the globe. With “I Didn’t Mean That” there is so much emotion felt and now that he is gone, the tune is that much more impactful. Pruett referred to the single as, “a perpetual apology that I owe anyone in my life that I wronged. This includes my brother, and more of the most important people in my life.”

"I Didn't Mean That" is the second single to be released off of his upcoming album which is due early 2022. There will also be a memorial and tribute show on January 15th at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona. 

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