The High Plains Drifters delve into love and heartbreak on Songs of Love and Loss

Indie band The High Plains Drifters delivers catchy and relatable collection of tracks on Songs of Love and Loss, channeling memories of love and heartbreak wrapped in genre-bending sonics. Written as a thank you to their fans, the EP has been crafted to bring a smile to our faces even as the lyrics break down the notion of “one and only” in love.

Opening with the ‘80s new wave flavours of “The One That Got Away,” as frontman Larry Studnicky’s rich vocals reminisces on the one that got away.Keeping with the theme of lost love, lead single “Since You’ve Been Gone,” captures the feeling of disbelief after your significant other abandons you as a dreamy soundscape meets hushed vocals to bring alive feelings of nostalgia tinged with loss.

On following track, the remix of “Jennifer Aniston (Why Are You Single?),” the band veers further into a light-hearted vibe, paying homage to the television and movie star with splashes of anthemic dance music. Finally wrapping up with the electro-pop stylings of “He Reminds Me Of You,” the EP jumps across genres and narratives underpinned by their ability to connect with listeners.

Offering an innovative blend of pop with Americana nuances, The High Plains Drifters – consisting of Studnicky,  JohnMacom, Mike DoCampo , Kyle Cassel, Charles Czarnecki and Dave Richards – continue to deliver earworm melodies that resonate with people and allure them in equal amounts.

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