The Holy Knives delivers dark candid message in "Born to Die"

Dark wave meets psychedelic indie rock duo The Holy Knives is best known for their innovative fusion of melancholic rock’ n’ roll and 80s inspired electro soundscapes, which meld together forming deep, dark moody confessions over a driving synth-heavy beat.

The duo just released their new single “Born to Die,” which narrates the gloomy feelings surrounding the never-ending toxicity found on the internet. With heavy, thought-provoking lyricism, powerfully thick, dark vocals, and a slow, mournful electronic beat, the single is the unabashed product of brutally honest songwriting. On the track Kody of the band confides, "the song started in late-pandemic isolation days when I found myself turning more and more to the internet for social connection. I realized eventually that it was not comforting at all and was in fact more isolating and sometimes pretty menacing. There were a lot of dark things being spread on social media like false information, conspiracy theories, hate, anger, and fear." Incredibly intoxicating and moody, this song engulfs the listener and sets a grim tone to accompany their well-realized message to society. Produced by Ian Hultquist of Passion Pit, the song combines elements in such a way that the song can be enjoyed by goth, rock and synth-pop types alike.

The Holy Knives is composed of brothers Kody and Kyle Valentine, who are originally from New Orleans and now reside in Los Angeles. Their music takes elements from the past and present and combines them into their own unique dark twist with a western edge. The Holy Knives derived their name from their favorite book, The Singing Knives, and their favorite movie, The Holy Mountain, which are symbolic to the fearless, psychologically stimulating and vast cinematic textures found in their music. The two have worked with the likes of Jamie Hince of The Kills and are now set to tour across the country.

Listen to The Holy Knives “Born To Die” and get swept away by the melancholic madness that exists at our fingertips.

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