The Islas create romantic indie angst in “The Absence Of You”

From the city of Norwich (UK), four-piece band The Islas have just dropped their latest single, “The Absence Of You.” The track is the first to be released off their upcoming six-track EP, Oblivion, giving us the very best of upbeat indie-rock music. “The Absence Of You” touches on the post-breakup sorrow of not wanting that person back, but having to deal with the emptiness and adjustments to a new way of life, as well as battling past memories and regrets. 

With a rush of electrifying dance energy, the track is perfect for letting loose with your besties. The essence of the track carries some brit-rock grooves and hints of The Smiths amongst the twanging, buzzing guitar, as well as the ultimate array of flittering riffs that scream summer. With a very subtle, almost unnoticeable melancholy, you are able to pick up on the darker emotions behind the lighthearted, exotic, indie aura of the track, making this the ideal song to release those post-heartbreak feelings.

This new indie breed comes in whirls of sharp, snappy Two Door Cinema Club vibes, getting us energized and ready for the upcoming festival season. Their influences flush through their music, spanning over a catalog of artists including Beautiful South, Paul Weller and Sam Fender. Covering all the ups and downs of love and life in young adulthood, the result is a collection of sounds and lyrics which are relatable and familiar. We look forward to their upcoming EP, Oblivion, and what more The Islas have in store for us in 2021!

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