The Keystones tackle fitting in, becoming a “Chameleon” on new track

High-energy alt-rock group The Keystones have recently shared a new single titled, “Chameleons”. The infectious track deals with the confusion of learning how to fit in- including putting on faces for friends, being inauthentic in relationships and using alternate personas as defence mechanisms against bullying and harassment. Their newest release continues their prolific release schedule, and follows their features as an Alt-Press rising artist and their reception of two WAMI nominations for “Best Artist” and “Best Song”.

Sonically, “Chameleons” is an energetic tour-de-force featuring raw, upbeat guitars building in layers atop lively percussion and rich, driving bass. Creating an engaging “wall-of-sound” effect, the instrumentation here is poignant, showcasing the band’s sharp songwriting abilities as the track’s energy ebbs and flows dynamically throughout, before exploding into a cathartic hook.

“I grew up learning how to charm other people as a way to avoid being ridiculed,” said lead singer and songwriter Jack Sherman, who returned to the band last spring after a year-long hiatus. “What I didn’t know was that skill would come back to haunt me later in life — learning how to ‘turn off’ the chameleon inside of me and being authentic for others has been an enormous struggle, and it inspired the track we put together.”

The Keystones are a new-age alternative rock outfit hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The group first broke onto the national music scene with a mix of bright, alternative tracks and sexy, heavy rock tunes that draw on past giants like The Killers and Arctic Monkeys while still contributing to a new, modern sound. Born in Waukesha, the birthplace of the electric guitar, the band consists of vocalists and brothers Jack and Matt Sherman, and drummer Eddie Curran.

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