the Kii, Mick Jenkins and Serious Klein unite for the swaggering “I Beg To Differ”

Since their debut less than a year ago, German hip-hop duo the Kii have fast established themselves as an unrelenting new force that pumps nothing but hits. Now five singles in, their latest, “I Beg To Differ” maintains their flawless standards, this time around joining forces with Chicagoan rapper Mick Jenkins and Germany-based rapper, Serious Klein.

“The beat evolved through many different versions of itself and sat with a few different rappers“, the duo outline in an email statement. “We experimented with it for a while but came back to the original version in the end. When Mick Jenkins joined in on the track, we thought long and hard on who could fit in with him. We wanted someone who was up to that challenge as an artist and creator.“

As the beat slowly evolves in “I Beg To Differ,” the production provides the perfect amount of space for Jenkins and Klein to flex their lyrical chops, and they meet and exceed that aforementioned challenge with masterful ease. Going to toe to toe with a similarly swaggering, and unrelenting flow, no artist, including the Kii, outshines another, and the Kii yet again grow their already formidable catalogue.

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