The Letter M Talks 300 Entertainment And New Project

The latest 300 Entertainment signee, The Letter M, is on the rise. With a new EP release, the GA-native is growing his fan base and setting himself apart from the crowd. Though he’s received nods from DJ Akademiks and J.Cole, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the rapper.

“I’m a father, a leader, that’s why I took on the alias “Eastside General” and that’s also what I named my first EP,” he said. The 7-track EP Eastside General includes his lead single “Karma’s Revenge.” Sonically, The Letter M brings together that Atlanta sound with soulful harmonies and sultry vocals. “I wanted to show people where I come from, that’s why I have tracks on there like “Outside” and “Rockbridge Rd Interlude,” he added. “I feel like I’m someone everybody should pay attention to.”

Now that he has a fan base and an EP under his belt, The Letter M is not coming off the gas. Moving into his next project, he’s leaning more into vulnerability for his creative process. “I’ve been using living life as a strategic tool for creating, plus the new relationships that I’ve been able to create. I also signed to 300 Entertainment…this process is truly about living and executing”, he said. Signed to legendary label 300 Entertainment, he has a lot to be proud of. “It’s a daily reminder, that as long as you are consistent, everything you’re working for will come back to you.”

13 years in the game and The Letter M is finally reaping the benefits of his hard work. “A lot of people base their success off of money, and that’s where passion comes in. I’m showing 13 years later that you can get signed and that’s a testimonial within itself”. While he hasn’t given any more details about his upcoming project, fans can still enjoy Eastside General in the meantime.

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