The Lighthouse And The Whaler explore life’s most meaning loops with “Way Back” [Video]

Indie rock outfit The Lighthouse And The Whaler provides a truly captivating nostalgia with their new charismatic and charming visuals for “Way Back”. “Way Back” is a sentimental song detailing the intricacies of relationships. It centers on the profound idea that those who are meant to be in your life will always find there way back to you.

The track features pounding drums, sparkly tambourine and jangly guitars. Their energetic arrangements paired with passionate vocals make the tune come alive with so much spirit and heart. The visuals showcase a small town, highlighting stunning scenic settings. The video fits the song’s theme of everything coming full circle. You see the band as adults as well as the child-like innocence of them playing together as kids.

Cleveland, Ohio’s The Lighthouse and The Whaler consist of Michael LoPresti, Mark Porostosky, and Ryan Walker. Pushing the boundaries of sound, they have been known to fuse alternative, folk, and rock to create their distinct style. This latest single also possesses uniqueness not only sonically, but lyrically as well. Just like the message behind The Lion King song “Circle Of Life” they believe in a universal force that binds us all together. The band reveals, "I think that life moves in circles especially in relationships. We move and pass one another and sometimes we say what we mean, but I find there’s a weird orbit we maintain that often finds us coming back to people important to us."

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