The Motor Show release bluesy rock gem “Bend Me Over Backwards”

Sludge doom rock meets blues psychedelic four-piece The Motor Show have just unleashed their latest single “Bend Me Over Backwards”. The track is the final single off of their debut EP Beau Regards which is out now.

With “Bend Me Over Backwards”, The Motor Show wrote a song all about giving up and giving in. Lyrics including, “I bend over backwards / if you want me to/ cause I want to show you that I would / cause you are my number one woman / I’m your number one fan,” show just how far someone will go to appease their lover. Being a pushover though is not something to be proud of and with “Bend Me Over Backwards”, The Motor Show demonstrate the perils of trying too hard with their latest rock banger. The song was created in lockdown and mixed by acclaimed Grammy Winning producer Eduardo De La Paz (Arcade Fire, The National). The result is a hard-hitting and unrestrained garage rock tune complete with broodying basslines, an addictive psychedelic guitar solo and hazy soundscapes. Thunderous melodies and distorted clashing guitars thrill with every note, making “Bend Me Over Backwards” a decadent sonic masterpiece.

Formed by manager Beau Vine, The Motor Show began in London pre-pandemic and includes members Samuel Bufala (vocals/guitars/keys), Josh Elbro (drums/vocals), Tony Burrata (bass, vocals) and Matt Holt (guitar). The band takes influence from artists and bands including Tammy Wynette, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Parquet Courts, and more. Known for their thrilling live show and brave and bold sound, The Motor Show are a four-piece that are on the rise. Take a listen to “Bend Me Over Backwards” now and remember to not be someone’s doormat.

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