The Sea The Sea show devotion in new single “Stumbling Home”

Like waking up, tranquil, and happy, on a Saturday morning after a long work week, “Stumbling Home,” a new single from The Sea The Sea is a bliss relatable. Using gentle acoustic guitar strums that float to a rhythm soothing, the combined vocals of duo members, and married couple, Mira Stanley and Chuck E. Costa are a slow dance of twin flames that warm the soul. Their latest release features luxury pop production with a rustic indie-folk heart. Just listen below.

Perhaps because of the fiery chemistry at the core of The Sea The Sea’s music, “Stumbling Home” is a treat for the production detailist: there is love in each harmony, echo, and layer of deliciously refined sonic compatibility. The song picks up the pace and swells with a flourish of various key embellishments and sparkly electric guitars tucked underneath. Never losing its tranquillity, “Stumbling Home” maintains a distinct emotional tone even past its cadence.

When devotion to music and each other is the fuel, the radiant fires of a single like “Stumbling Home” can engulf its creators and provide comfort for its listeners. The new single is the title track for the duo’s upcoming album out August 28th via AntiFragile Music. Like the best of moments, when there is no schedule to follow, and the day seems limitless, The Sea The Sea reminds us that life can be a serene ocean where embers of love float gently above its milky surface.

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