The Wreckless Strangers released an EP called “Orange Sky Dream”

The Wreckless Strangers is a band from the Bay Area that makes music combining various genres like blues, R&B, Americana, and rock ‘n’ roll. They recently released an EP called “Orange Sky Dream” that showcases their amazing and outstanding sound. They worked with an experienced producer, Dave Way, who has won many awards for his work with famous singers like Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin.

The EP has six songs that last for about 25 minutes. The band’s music is not just about entertainment but also reflects their concern for the environment. The title of the EP is inspired by the orange skies that appeared in San Francisco during wildfires in 2020. It reminds us of the environmental challenges we face today.

The EP starts with a powerful song called ‘Break The Line,’ followed by ‘Roses of War’ which tells an emotional story. Another song, ‘Shudda Known,’ displays the band’s talent for creating beautiful melodies that touch your soul.

The track “Orange Sky Dream” reflects the band’s passion and humanity. In a world where we hear a lot of artificial sounds, Wreckless Strangers gives us a chance to experience genuine music. They believe that music can connect people and bring joy; this EP proves that.

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