The644 hit the scene with a fiery debut release, “Shaker”

Debutants they may be, but novices, The644 are not. Having spent the past few years catching ears and turning heads, the duo of Deniz and Shanel underwent a metamorphosis upon understanding the true potential of their sound. With a new name and infectious opening salvo, they boldly reintroduce themselves with “Shaker.”

Regardless of the current circumstances, the seasons are changing, and your listening habits are no doubt changing with it. As summer heated up, the London-based duo followed suit with a fiery new addition to your summer party playlist. A stripped-back version of the chorus fast establishes the blood-pumping energy, before Deniz’s swaggeringly nonchalant verse embellishes the already sultry mood. The chorus is where the track’s modus operandi presents itself, however. A hypnotising coalescence of vocals, Middle Eastern flute and head-bobbing reggaeton drums set an undeniably irresistible groove, one that’s sure to be firmly planted in the back of your mind until you hear it again.

Deniz explains in an email press release that, “We knew that we wanted to feature a Zurna in the chorus, which is a Middle Eastern folk flute sound. We started with Anthony Trueman (Producer), finding the bass line over a reggaetón drum loop. Shaking hips is a key movement that represents both cultures well, so we felt it fit throughout the lyrics to focus on appreciating the beauty of both of these cultural dances.

With a start this strong, expect big things from The644, 2020, and beyond.

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