Thee Sacred Souls announce debut album with new song and video “Easier Said Than Done”

Emerging from a time machine, and lost in the sunny dreamy landscapes of Southern California, the soul revivalist trio known as Thee Sacred Souls announce their highly anticipated debut album with their release “Easier Said Than Done”.

Known for airy melodic vocals over smooth guitar progressions and sturdy, yet calm drums, songs like “Can I Call You Rose” and “Will I See You Again?” have built a strong repertoire for the group’s sound.

Their latest offering “Easier Said Than Done” is no different. A title track that represents everything there is to love about SoCal pioneers Thee Sacred Souls. With a mantra-inspired chorus backed with luscious harmonies and a guitar riff that prompts any listener to drift, the song is yet another fantastic execution of golden soul music.

The accompanying music video is equally effective. Bringing the group’s soulful tune to the visionary front, the music video captures the nostalgic tint the music produces. It is cut with candid behind-the-scenes footage and cut-away scenes that showcase the humble community-filled lifestyle of living in the golden state. All shot on film too.

Thee Sacred Souls have built a name for themselves by playing a revitalized style of soul music, earning them a spot on the independent label Daptone Records, a label based in Brooklyn, New York despite being one of the forefront performers for its subsidiaries: Penrose Records, based in Riverside, California.

Fans can delight themselves in the group’s debut record on August 27th on Daptone Records.

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