Thierry Wone and Maggie Tra cross continents on woozy single “Le Poids D’une Larme”

Distance often drives difference, but not for rapper Thierry Wone and DJ Maggie Tra. The pair collaborated across continents to deliver their new woozy single, “Le Poids D’une Larme”.

“Le Poids D’une Larme” features Wone’s smooth French-language flow and sees Tra make a polished debut as a producer. The track’s title translates to “the weight of a tear”, and Wone says the lyrics are about love in unhealthy relationships or situations. “It’s a song about why we still love what makes us cry,” he says.

A cross-continental effort, the track was created while Tra was in lockdown in Vietnam and Wone in France. Furthermore, it’s a collaboration of both individuals’ diverse heritage; Wone’s French upbringing and Senegalese/Vietnamese roots, along with Tra’s Australian-born Cambodian/Vietnamese background. The result is a breezy hip-hop track that feels liberated from the confines of a rudimentary studio. “Le Poids D’une Larme” is a stunning song that needs no translation to fall in love with.

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