Things get twisted in Alex Porat’s new single “forgot to forgive” [Video]

Toronto pop artist Alex Porat just released her debut EP bad at breakups. To celebrate, she’s also given fans her new single “forgot to forgive.” Unlike her last single, “never say ily again,” which featured bright melodies, “forgot to forgive” branches into a darker emo and electropop sound.

To quote Porat, the song is “About being haunted by your past and being unable to move on.” While the verses are softly spoken, the chorus stands out as a haunting carousel waltz. At the same time, the spun-out background harmonies give it an enchanting, otherworldly vibe. It feels almost straight out of Tim Burton film. The production takes a minimalistic approach, but it’s extremely effective with Porat’s silky vocals stealing the show.

The music video is equally just as chilling with director Iris Kim really bringing out Porat’s songwriting. Basked in a cold blue hue, Porat is confronted and terrorized by a creepy clown. Stylistically, the use of jump cuts and flashes evoke feelings of intrusive thoughts. It also incorporates visuals reminiscent of artist Salvador Dali with abstract, melted elements.

Step into the world of “forgot to forgive” through the music video. Listen to Alex Porat’s EP bad at breakups, out now.

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