Thomas Xavier lands on the beat in “T-Rex”

Thomas Xavier is quickly making a name for himself in the music industry with a string of successful releases in 2023. His latest release, “T-Rex” , is a bass house anthem that perfectly represents his label’s ethos of “rediscovering our ancient past through song and dance.” With a carnivorous sound design and a catchy vocal hook, this track is perfect for any club or festival dance floor.

An infectious baseline meets catchy rhythms in “T-Rex”, providing the ultimate Bass House track – whether you’re a hardcore EDM fan, a DJ, or just dabbling in the genre, this is a track you’ll surely enjoy.

But Xavier is more than just a talented producer. He’s also an accomplished performer, having played direct support for over 25 nationally touring house acts in the last year alone. He’s even curated six Pharaoh’s Chamber events, which are quickly becoming a fan favourite.

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