Thuy tackles heartbreak and self-reflection on debut EP, ‘i hope u see this’

Emerging singer-songwriter, Thuy weaves a tapestry of smooth and sultry love songs on her latest project, i hope u see this. Each track dives deep into her emotions over a classic R&B sound. The EP includes her most recent release, “in my head” giving listeners a taste of her powerful vocals and confident demeanor. Her voice is a delicate mix between Arianna Grande and Summer Walker with a rhythmic twist. The tracks blend together to form a timeline of feelings from hurt to empowerment.

The first song on the project, “trippin’” explores the frustrations in a relationship. Thuy harmonizes over a slow soul beat. The bass and claps hover over a subtle piano tune. The melody is simple and highlights her soft vocals. She sings, “Same shit I’m dealing with just on a different day.” A sense of annoyance and defeat can be heard in her tone.

“Chances” picks up the pace with an upbeat harmony and more bass. Her verses are fast-paced, almost rapping. DCMBR chimes in, adding a masculine tone to the mellow bop. The two artists close the song with a playful duet, acting as the perfect Segway to “in my head.” This track slows back down following Thuy’s internal dialogue. She sings, “Got you in my head now / Had 4, 5 drinks then i got u in my bed now (oh no) / Would’ve been on my way but i’m with u instead now (right here).” She battles her desire for this person, knowing they cannot be the person she wants them to be.

Thuy embodies strength and resilience. She has love, lost, and continues to push forward. The next track, “figured u out,” has a classic R&B sound with a symphonic harmony. She vocalizes each verse with an infectious confidence. This track is the turning point in the project, moving away from heartbreak and towards healing.

“In my bag” is the standout single with its fast-paced bass and synths. The beat perfectly highlights the artist’s seductive chorus. Released earlier this year, this track is the fun, upbeat anthem that sets the tone for Thuy’s craft.

The project then transitions into a slower and deeper rhythm for “ride for me” and “universe''. Both songs are a mellow listen with basic elements of soulful love ballads. She exposes her softer side and the rollercoaster of emotions that come with a breakup. She sings, “Because you are my universe, my everything, my sunset.” Despite her outward depiction of moving on, her affection and infatuation is still present. She puts her heart on display for her listeners.

“u got me” is the longest song and fluctuates between high notes and low verses over a simple guitar melody and snares. The artist keeps the same slow pace channeling late night jazz bar vibes. The beat is simple and melancholy but provides the perfect backdrop for the songstress’ expressive style.

The last track and project’s namesake, “i hope u see this” has a delicate pop sound. She holds notes for a steady count over the guitar tune. The lyrics wish her ex-love well with a nonchalant undertone of sass. She closes out the song with an abrupt, “I hope you see this.” The song is smooth and the singer’s vocals are dainty, yet there is a strong and dominant charisma that she exudes. Her energetic presence can still be felt despite the song’s slow and steady flow.

Thuy delivers passionate R&B vocals with a hip-hop attitude and pop swagger. With the hopes to inspire others to heal, i hope u see this is an open letter to her ex. She is extremely vulnerable on this project, documenting each stage of emotional highs and lows. The Bay Area native has gained recognition from Billboard and MTV while also landing on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist and Apple Music’s Best New Songs. Boasting a significant following on social media, Thuy is an emerging artist to watch headed for mainstream success.

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