TikTok sensation Megan Burke’s debut single “Where Did You Find Love” [Video]

Megan Burke represents a new age of singers connecting with listeners in a unique way. While there are old tales of big-name artists being discovered playing a local pub, the modern artist now has a great reach to being discovered through platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and now TikTok. In Burke’s case, the Dublin-based singer has amassed over 75,000 followers on her TikTok page – before ever releasing original music. But now the singer-songwriter steps into the center stage with her original debut single “Where Did You Find Love.”

A story about the aftermath of a breakup, “Where Did You Find Love” features swaying rhythm, lively instrumentals, and an intoxicating vocal performance. Burke’s impressive vocal range on this release confirms why she has already amassed such an impressive following of fans online.

Speaking of the track, Burke explains that they tried to recreate that old American big band soul sound. Over email, she shares, “We wanted it to sound like it could have been an Aretha Franklin or Nina Simone song back in the day.” Burke’s velvety and soulful voice is matched by the fiery passion that erupts in the higher-hitting notes in the chorus. The multi-layered production creates a spirited combination that allows her voice to sail along with the free-flowing electric guitar and organ.

Burke’s more new-age introduction into the music industry signals an incoming wave of entrepreneurial artists using social platforms like TikTok to reach greater fans. Through this method, she doesn’t have to search for new followers to hear her debut once it releases – they’ve already been anxiously waiting. With an established fan base and a hit single soon to be under her belt, we expect this won’t be the last we hear from Megan Burke. 


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