Tobias Dray channels his inner American Psycho with new mischief, “FUK IT”

Bored of your day job and thinking of quitting? Perhaps try doing it in a Tobias Dray way.

Like its explicit name, “FUK IT” throws all rules and melodic standards out the window. While the 25 year old French breakout act has a track record of menace with tracks like “Call Me Your Hope” and “Espada Primo,” nothing came close to being the 100% adrenaline that is the new single.

If you manage to shove through his screams of endless “FUK IT,” every intricate detail of the track delivers pure genius. It’s chaos presented in the most calculated way and miscellaneous arrangements that somehow just make sense. The drums make a death pact with the bass while the thrash guitar becomes the best partner in crime to Tobias Dray’s abrasive vocal. Each segment has its perfect instrumental transition to the next, but sure, you can also just enjoy the over the top craziness of the lyrics and forget the rest.

There’s just something really cool about psychopaths–fictional ones, of course–and Tobias Dray certainly knows how to scale that coolness to the max. In the music video of “FUK IT,” Tobias Dray plays a white collar who has just lost his job -and mind. With his apparent insaneness, he somehow blows the stoic covers of NYC passerbys as he races through the street with the most intense mohawk one has seen in the last 20 years. He’s channeling Patrick Bateman, or Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker to the max–no, not Nicolas Cage, whom he mentions in the track, that’s too tamed.

No one knows the next move of Tobias Dray and “FUK IT” is his pitch deck for that narrative. Maybe he’s too crazy for most, but if that’s the case for you, maybe you should start opening your mind up.

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