Tom Brownlow Shares Disco-House Gem “Dance of The Cigarette Fairies”

UK-Based producer Tom Brownlow returns with his pulsating, weekend banger “Dance of The Cigarette Fairies” – an upbeat party anthem with tinges of French House and Disco laced throughout. Released via one of London’s most exciting Dance imprints Another Rhythm, it’s a track that forebodes a new EP showcasing why Tom is one of House Music’s brightest stars.

Based in Leeds but originally from Liverpool, Brownlow references the likes of Erykah Badu, Sade, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye in his biggest influences, but on the new EP, it’s all about the French Touch and filter house sound, as Brownlow states this track “comes from my love for early French/Disco House from the 90’s. I listened to Cassius’ ‘1999’ album a lot during the first lockdown and I wanted to bring back the ‘funky disco’ vibes to 2022.

Listening to the new single, we can see why Brownlow has clocked releases with the likes of Armada Music, Let There Be House and Perfect Havoc. In the UK we’re about to hit peak festival season and don’t be surprised if this is a track gracing plenty of set-lists.

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