Tomi Tribe and Toyé shares an afro-piano summer anthem with “Around the Fountain”

Los Angeles-based artist Tomi Tribe, known for his infectious beats and captivating melodies, has joined forces with Atlanta-based musician Toyé to release their highly anticipated single, “Around the Fountain.” This Afro-piano vibe track is set to ignite the summer music scene and keep the dance floor ablaze.

Recorded during a creative session at Tomi Tribe’s music camp in Lagos, Nigeria, “Around the Fountain” was the result of a serendipitous meeting between the two artists. When Tomi Tribe stumbled upon a mesmerizing beat by Dante Beats, he knew he had found the foundation for something extraordinary. Toyé’s passion for the beat was immediate, and their collaboration was a seamless fusion of talents. Together, they crafted a track that encapsulates the essence of Nigeria’s vibrant culture.

“NI NIGERIA” serves as a heartfelt tribute to Nigeria, celebrating its rich cultural heritage and unyielding spirit. The lyrics carry a powerful message, warning anyone who dares to challenge the artists on Nigerian soil: “Don’t mess with me in this Nigeria.” This track promises to captivate audiences worldwide with its energetic rhythm and infectious hooks.

Recognizing the significance of this release, Tomi Tribe and Toyé have spent an entire month perfecting the mix and mastering it, ensuring that every element of “Around the Fountain” shines with brilliance. The duo’s dedication to their craft has led them back to Lagos, Nigeria, where they intend to share their creation with the world.

Prepare to be swept away by the irresistible Afro-Piano sounds of Tomi Tribe and Toyé’s latest single, “Around the Fountain.” Stay tuned for the official release to all major streaming platforms soon.

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