Tommy Lefroy fight imposter syndrome on "Knievel"

Despite this being only their third single release, Tommy Lefroy are on to something incredible. The LA-slash-London duo showcase their dreamy indie sounds with hazy guitars and soft-rock embellishments with the release of "Knievel".

On "Knievel", the duo once again dwell in their evocative vocal talents to produce a single drenched in rousing guitar patterns and driving drum thuds. It's a masterpiece in indie-rock, mirroring the success of Julien Baker in the easy-listening vibes and its elegence. Laced with raw ballad-like lyricism and effortless honesty, "Knievel" is purely stunning.

"We wrote this song about when fear of failure becomes self sabotaging," explains the band. The haunting lyric "I'm not myself right now" ricochets throughout your mind, drawing parallels with your own life whilst reveling in the comfort that someone feels the same as you. "It’s about imposter syndrome and our own inclinations towards recklessness when we feel like things are out of our hands. We grew up hearing folklore of the ‘70s, and loved the mythos of American stuntman Evel Knievel, who was revered for his bravery in the jump regardless of whether he stuck the landing."

Tommy Lefroy's knack for honest songwriting and evocative melodies is truly inspiring. "Knievel" is actually quite an inspiring single, one that encourages us all to forget feeling like an imposter, and just take the leap of faith. 

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