Tony Njoku pushes boundaries on fascinating new single

If anyone needed more evidence that it’s still possible to carve out a totally unique lane in music these days, look no further than Tony Njoku. After making a splash last year with his astounding album Your Psyche’s Rainbow Panorama, the British-Nigerian artist has returned with some new material, the latest of which is a jagged yet emotionally resonant single entitled “</3.” The spellbinding track showcases Njoku’s unique musical style and accessible subject matter and will be released on his forthcoming EP JUSTINE, which is due for release on June 19.

The entirety of JUSTINE is produced by Njoku, and while “</3” features his distinctive sonic sensibility with striking beats and unusual arranging, the music offers a powerful representation of his lyrics. He explores the idea of heartache through the lens of someone struggling to connect and love others after having had their trust broken in the past. The music delivers a poignant depiction of the complexities of life, particularly in the area of romance. There are moments of confusion, joy, tragedy, and hope, all in less than three minutes, offering a beautiful musical microcosm of the human experience. “</3” offers further proof that in a music world so saturated with amazing talent, Tony Njoku still stands out.

The JUSTINE EP will be released June 19 via Silent Kid Records. “</3” is available to stream or download here. Njoku is also planning to Ghostpoet on tour this fall. Find tour dates here.

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