Toronto Producer Harrison drops eclectic twin single pack featuring “A View From The Sky” & “Float”

Toronto musician Harrison returns with the same whimsical musical wonder and ubiquity for his first two singles of 2023 and brings Kadhja Bonet along to prep fans for a new project.

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Throughout his musical career, one aspect that’s remained consistent in Harrisons’ catalog is this carefree feeling. 

Whether it be through musical singles, videogame soundtracks, or humorous videos of movie scenes with piano keys layered on top, his sound at its core is whimsical in nature while his style of jazz-inspired instrumentation is technical on all fronts. 

Harrisons’ contribution to 2023’s musical landscape comes in a double feature; two songs that showcase the producer’s energy and knack for capturing emotion through blurry sounds. 

Harrison’s production has always been defined by this algebraic sequence of layers that synchronously places every part of the instrumental in the exact spot that perfectly matches with another. 

A kin to a puzzle piece, every sequence incorporated into the instrumental aligns perfectly and with the silky vocals provided by the lovely Kadhja Bonet, “Float” creates a listening experience that encapsulates the title itself.

From the opening verse to the layered vocal harmonies, you feel weightless. 

On the other end, the accompanying track “A View From The Sky” kicks the tempo up a notch, while maintaining that focus and sense of atmosphere.

This is where the emotion captured on “Float” is kept in motion, picking up pace through riveting snares and whirling piano keys, only to be transformed into something new and yet so familiar.

There’s a wonder that is immediately felt and both songs manage to take the same emotion and beautifully craft it into a myriad of sounds.

Stream “Float” & “A View From The Sky” now

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