Torren Foot offers “More Life” into his newest single with Tinie Tempah & L Devine [Video]

As a follow-up to the well-received release of “More Life” in late 2019, Australian producer Torren Foot has teamed up with L Devin, and U.K. legend Tinie Tempah on the visual release for the hit single.

“More Life” came in heavy with complex production and a wave of various digital instrumentation. The visual aspect of the single follows suit and showcases more of the same, however, this time L Devine and Tinie offer a bright emphasis on the lyrics that help add a more fluid storytelling visualisation to the track. 

For such a relatively young artist, it is a bold and ambitious move for Foot to work alongside a legend such as Tinie, and a hot up-and-coming artist like L Devine. But his masterful blend of electronic and house vibes, multi-layered synth work, and intoxicating digital drum beats makes him one of the most exciting acts to follow this year. 

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