Tragic Sasha shares unique visual for an anti-valentines anthem “Head Over Heels”

Tragic Sasha, the alt-pop and electronic pseudonym of Sasha Gurney, has released her sultry new single “Head Over Heels,” the second release from her highly anticipated EP set to be released later in 2023. The British singer, songwriter, and producer has already received recognition from several industry giants, including BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6, building an appetite for her sound and a notable reception from within the industry.

Despite the difficulties posed by the pandemic, Sasha used her free time to learn music production, leading to a newfound passion for producing and songwriting. “Head Over Heels” showcases Sasha’s exceptional songwriting skills and her forward-thinking approach to pop production techniques, incorporating trap-like drums, moving basslines, and a clear production style that makes her vocals stand out. The track, released 14th February in a tongue-in-cheek swipe to Valentine’s day, has a more sombre and emotive approach compared with her previous single “Bottle It Up.”

The accompanying music video was created by Glitch and offers a glimpse into Sasha’s glamorous and stylish artistic persona through a unique, Simm’s style visual. Overall, “Head Over Heels” is a self-indulgent track that touches upon the insecurities of millennial life, and its unique style and catchy tune make it one of Sasha’s best tracks yet.

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