Trunky Juno delivers four-track EP ‘Death Metal Music’

Durham-based singer-songwriter Mark Owens aka Trunky Juno delivers four-track EP Death Metal Music, weaving across energetic productions into mellower sounds that sees him expand his diverse musical repertoire.

Opening with the poignant title track that reflects on the inevitability of aging, to the up-tempo and intense style “Boys Like Me,”Juno takes us through the vivid and weird world he has crafted.

Short but punchy, the EP balances punk-tinged and chaotic, “Everything You Say and Do,” with thesprightly yet melancholic feel of “Tidal Wave of Milk,” to showcase Juno’s signature brand of idiosyncratic but thoughtful tales reflective of our society cushioned by catchy, riff-laden musicality.

From his first EP Too Many Teeth in 2020 to well-received 2021 project Good Dog, Trunky Juno manages to be zesty yet ethereal, carving a space for himself in the alternative scene as a force to be reckoned.

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