Tsar B and Mauro connect for the dark and ethereal “Devil Baby” [Video]

As a project that began with absent-minded doodles while on tour with various acts, Belgian violinist Justine Bourgeus’ dark pop monicker Tsar B, is back with the second single of 2020, “Devil Baby.” This latest release continues to tease her forthcoming EP, whetting appetites with a gloomy and dystopian take on modern pop.

An ominous and ethereal vocal line introduces the track and sets the tone for the mesmerizing yet haunting instrumentation. Alongside pioneering Belgian artist Mauro Pawloski, a subtle distorted 808 maintains its sparsity to preserve focus on the vocal finesse Tsar B effortlessly exudes. With a performance that suitably balances the scathing lyricism with its sultry delivery, consider the spotlight owned and emphatically so.

Tsar B shares over email, “Devil Baby stands for the unpredictable and untamable side of certain relationships, describing the dark and dangerous side of love which feeds that same relationship in a very different, sometimes playful way.” This narrative extends to the romantically ambiguous home video style visual, which adds further tension to an already gripping exposé.

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