TV People look inward on “Time Eats Up”

Despite forming in 2019 and with a mere three songs released to their name thus far, Dublin-based indie-punk outfit TV People are confidently piecing together a timeless sound distinctly theirs. Swiftly catching ears earlier this year with the bitter and impressive “Kitchen Sinking,” the quartet coalesce once again on “Time Eats Up.”

“Time Eats Up” addresses poignant themes of isolation and solitude, a seemingly topical stance, yet lead singer Paul Donohoe was inspired by a long period of unemployment rather than current affairs. He states in the email press release, “The feelings of liberation that come with sitting idle and how these conflict with the dread that time is passing you by were a huge influence in the songwriting process for us”. The dread he expresses colours the track perfectly, crafting a foreboding post-punk atmosphere which firmly grips you for all of it’s short two and a half minute run time.

“Time Eats Up” proves to further whet appetites for more from them, with no doubt more to come from them this year.

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