Twin producer and songwriting duo Carly and Martina drop alt-pop offering "Heartbreak"

Chicago-raised singer-songwriter and producer duo Carly and Martina drop alt-pop offering “Heartbreak,” bringing together nostalgic bass riffs with sweeping melodies in a lyrical tale about loving someone with every bit of your heart. Opening with sultry guitar sonics, the offering quickly pulls you with its rich instrumental arrangement right from the first notes as the sweet syrupy soundscape settles over your heart.

Swooping in with a tale about head-over-heels romance, the soulful and intimate track explores the life-changing moment when true love takes hold of you like never before. Describing the stunningly emotive track which reflects on the realisation of how much you love someone, and the gripping fear of losing them, the duo says," It's about that moment when you look at someone and realize that if this doesn't work, this is going to be the worst heartbreak of your life. “

The creative pair of twins who create magic armed with simplicity and authenticity make what they call “basement pop,” as they bring us into their world of simmering guitars as a powerful vocal effort that swings between bold and husky lulls us while simultaneously uplifting us. With an intricate, anthemic instrumental threaded into a lush production of commercial pop influences with a unique edge of 90s nostalgia, the track gently layers sisters’ contrasting voices over dreamy sonics to reflect their growing reputation for emotive pop music.

Bound not just by blood but their fierce passion for their craft, Carly and Martina who take influence from the likes of Olivia Rodrigo, Grouplove and The Cure have developed a unique brand that's recognisable as their own, managing to carefully carve out a space for themselves in the pop landscape with a lyrical honesty and joint forces of creativity that sets them apart from the rest.

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