Two Can and Kyan Palmer share the anthemic single “Under My Skin”

Australian powerhouse producer Two Can shares the lush new single “Under My Skin.” Collaborating with Kyan Palmer, the track is a perfect example of millennial dance success.

Utilising Palmer’s lush vocals, the song sails across choppy waters to create a sleek, dance-infused masterwork. With pulsating bass grooves, “Under My Skin” sets itself to anthemic status, peppering infectious beats with soft, pop-leaning vocals. The track also inherits a slight early ’00s sound too, reminiscent of syncing tracks to your 32GB mp3 player. It’s that bittersweet nostalgia that makes the single instinctively addictive. 

Two Can’s artistry dictates the pop algorithim. With “Under My Skin,” he shows he knows exactly how to hook you in, and teaming up with Kyan Palmer has just created one of the sleekest electronic-dance tracks this year. 

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