Two Lanes share emotive, sombre and melodically stunning new EP “Innervision”

The Berlin-based brothers, Leo and Rafa, have outdone themselves, blending melancholic electronic elements with minimal beats and acoustic piano, crafting an evocative soundscape that’s both immersive and introspective. Two Lanes are an act that we’ve been looking forward to hearing more music from – and the new EP, lives up to our expectation and delivers something truly special.

The EP kicks off with “Abstraction,” a beautifully somber instrumental piece. Its minor chord progressions and house percussion create an immersive atmosphere, epitomizing the phrase “less is more.” The intricate details and overall ambiance draw us into the TWO LANES’ world.

“Mind” shifts gears by incorporating vocals, adding a powerful, anthemic quality. This track evokes a sense of completion, painting a vivid picture of an epic personal journey. “Balance” follows, enhancing the reflective mood with its poignant piano and peaceful percussion. The arpeggiated synths and strings create a soul-stirring experience, allowing listeners to lose themselves in its serene beauty.

Finally, “Synthesis” brings the EP to a fitting close, maintaining the core structure while introducing a slightly more intense energy. This is a release that, is for the musos – the chinstroking, songwriting gurus. A journey, an art piece.. something special.

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