Tycho Jones is an unstoppable force with “Pink + Blue”

Tycho Jones continues to make waves in the alt-pop scene with their invigorating new single, “Pink + Blue,” following the success of their comeback track “Risk To My Reward.” This latest release showcases the raw, genuine sound that the artist is known for, featuring elevating vocal melodies and magnificent guitar-led choruses. From the infectious guitar hook to the 00s-inspired drum patterns and affirming lyrics, it’s impossible not to feel the exultation embedded within the track.

“Pink + Blue” exudes positivity and hope for a brighter future. With this song, the artist encourages their listeners to steer clear of the mundane issues that plague our daily lives and focus on a more promising tomorrow. Tycho’s innate talent for songwriting shines through as they seamlessly capture the range of emotions that come with being young in today’s troubled times – from restlessness and detachment to euphoria and joy.

This theme resonates throughout Tycho’s debut mixtape, Tychonaut, which was met with critical acclaim in 2021. “Pink + Blue” is yet another winner from this rising star, showcasing their prowess as a musician and their ability to inspire and uplift.

Tycho has quickly become a vital member of the indie music scene in East London after signing with Globe Town Records just a week after completing their A-Levels. With a focus on collectivity and telling the stories of others through their music, Tycho’s work stands out as a refreshing take on modern indie music.

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