Tyler Gunn begins a new chapter with his haunting new single “A Million Miles”

Canadian alt rock artist Tyler Gunn has a knack for creating a sound which breaks down sonic boundaries. Finding inspiration from a plethora of artists, Gunn’s music sees him exploring 90’s alt rock, grunge, dream pop, folk and art rock, taking elements from each to craft a sound which is undeniably his own. His latest single “A Million Miles,” showcases just that. Something which feels faintly familiar, reminiscent of the likes of Radiohead, yet new and exciting. 

“A Million Miles,” narrates suffering and how we respond to it as humans. As we navigate our own individual emotions, we question what our roles should be, trying our best to deal with the cards we’ve been given. Gunn shares, “This song came at a time when I desperately needed it. Life at that point felt stale and unchanging. Making this felt like the beginning of a new chapter.” 

With a haunting undertone, “A Million Miles” is dark and gritty, as we see Gunn reflect these confusing and unsettling feelings through an eerie soundscape. Setting the bar for all future releases and marking the beginning of a new chapter for the artist, we’re looking forward to seeing where Tyler Gunn goes next. 

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