TZAR releases debut 'I'm OK' EP alongside new music video for "Now that Ur Gone"

TZAR has unveiled her long-awaited debut EP I'm ok alongside an official video for the lead single "Now That Ur Gone", available now on all platforms and YouTube. 

A seven-track release, i’m ok opens with previously released 2020 single"What Ur Looking For", a shimmering exercise in self-confidence that’s propelled by bright synths and a slick palette of melodic arrangements. Next up is "Stay", an industrial-tinged modern pop jam produced by MEMBA and multi-platinum producer Djemba Djemba. Then closing things out is "Fuccboi Anthem", an empowering, fun, and extremely addictive guitar-driven pop song that’s accentuated by TZAR’s vocals and bold-faced lyrics. 

“To me, this EP documented my journey into and out of love – through heartbreak and coming out on the other side,” TZAR explains. “The songs are all mementos into my life when it felt like I was witnessing everything around me falling apart while also somehow knowing that it was just the beginning in so many ways. All these records bear witness to who I was at the time and how I journeyed through a nearly decades’ long relationship falling apart.”

The EP drop coincides with the release of the retro official video for "Now That Ur Gone", directed by David Dutton, an endearingly lo-fi visual that perfectly captures the raw emotion of the track. “The video for ‘Now That Ur Gone’ started out when I wrote the record,” she continues. “I was fresh out of a long-term relationship and I was literally alone on the floor in the house I was about to move out of. The song was describing how I felt alone and liberated at the same time after everything in my life seemingly fell apart. When I was completely reduced to myself with no distractions and with nobody else around.”

TZAR is paving her own unique lane in the industry with her glittery, 1980s-inspired pop hits. Originally born in Moscow before relocating to the Bay Area when she was 7-years-old, she has become a standout artist to watch, working with similarly high-caliber acts including KSHMR, Zed’s Dead, JOHN K, K. Flay, Promnite, Falcons, JULiA LEWiS and Hoodboi.

Her largest release to date, I'm ok is the work of an exciting new pop talent brimming with fresh ideas.

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