UK duo RxL break gender stereotypes with groovy track "Chauffeur"

Emerging UK duo RxL drops feminist anthem “Chauffeur,” combining an old-school afro sound with stylish electronics underpinned by an empowering narrative that reverses gender roles with effortless groove. With RxL’s signature laid-back delivery ushered forward by pulsing drum beats, the track is an addictive number that’s equally fit to dance away to or as the soundtrack for quiet nights.

Described as an ode to a “special lady,” close to the duo, smooth rap verses break down stereotypical gender and social norms, by encouraging women to make important decisions without anyone’s influence over it. Giving women much-needed power through their feel-good musicality, the rhythm-infused offering sees the duo finding their feet in the UK rap/RnB scene.

Consistently crafting music that comes alive as a clear and creative reflection of their individual and collective journeys, musicians Reece and Lorenzo emerge as the musical duo RxL who win hearts with their catchy soundscapes and uplifting messages.

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