UK newcomers Pentire share their roaring indie single "Plastic Flowers"

Pentire share their indie-brimming single "Plastic Flowers". Brought to life with crashing guitar lines and thudding drum beats, the single warps indie sonics around a narrative of hindsight. 

Inspired by a bitter personality, the single draws on British indie traits, with lyrics like "your bloodshot eyes can stay at mine" feeling reminiscent of the early noughties indie aesthetics. Built with rhythmic drum thuds and rousing riffs, the single thrives in its ability to capture the bittersweet bliss of reflection. "Plastic Flowers is a tale of teenage love, loss and loathing" explains songwriter Jack Morgan."It's also a metaphor for the fakery of an ex-lover. It's always interesting to see how we see people in a different light once we remove our rose-tinted spectacles".

Engrained with nostalgic emotions, Pentire bring something new to the table with "Plastic Flowers". Their drive to share their musicial concoctions with those who will appreciate their sound is a commitment that sees them hailed by industry peers already. A continuation of their roaring sounds promises something big. "Plastic Flowers" is a phenomenal effort from these four boys from Ross-on-Wye.

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